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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Many "hunters" are dumb when it comes to knowing what the deer herd needs. Proof is that EAB had to be implemented before most hunters would shoot a doe regardless of what year it is. There are still many guys who won't shoot a doe, but will tag one if someone else shoot it. Then once EAB happens, too many hunters go nuts shooting 4,6,8 deer each. It shows that many of our "hunters" have no understanding, no self control. They haven't changed since the time of the market hunters. They willshoot as much as they can, eventhough they can't use all the meat themselves.Most of our "hunters" are not outdoorsmen, most of them spend only a couple days in the woods all year, many don't even spend the time to clean orsight intheir rifle (we all know at least 1 guy like that) they shouldn't even be allowed to buy a license, yetif they don't happen to see deer during that time they scream "NO DEER". I'll bet 1/2 of the days that I bowhunt I see0 deer. That's hunting. Don't like it? Don't do it.

2. In your bullet points, Your land owners and farmers may be part of the reason that you are seeing too few deer. Lots of farmers give away ag-tags to shoot as many deer as possible. They don't want crop damage, they want the deer gone. So you are saying if we let farmers have their way we will have more deer?? Bigger deer? Do you even know what you are arguing for? You say you want more deer, but you want farmers to do whatever they want. Hello, who owns the biggest portion of property in our state?
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