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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you guys that are all in an uproar about the dnr like i am, how long will it take the deer heard back to where it was in the "GLORY DAYS"
I don't expect...or to get back to the so-called "glory days"where I would see 80 to 100 deer opening day, and of that total 70% were does and fawns, a bunch of 4 and 6 pointers, and if we got REALLY lucky we would see one halfway decent buck about every other year.

What I would like to see is a little more of the following:
[ol][*]A DNR that looks to work in partnership with hunters and landowners. Not a DNR that comes up with brainless ideas like having sharpshooters in helicopters shoot deer at night with spotlights in the CWD zone.[*]While we're at it, a DNR that tries to LISTEN to landowners as to how they would like to approach deer management.[*]Deer season structure that is not simply based on a bunch of government bureaucrats looking at computer printouts, who then use the output to confirm an already existing bias of overpopulation. Hey will have hunters shoot more deer if there is too much deer damage, landowners looking for trophies will shoot does to get the ratios in order, we ALL have a stake in getting it right and not simply letting the population guys at the DNR are not the only ones with a stake in having the deer population at a sustainable level.[/ol]
Will it happen? Depends on how much pressure is brought to bear. I have already contacted the appropriate state assembly members and state senator. Hopefully, more will do the same.

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