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Default RE: Hell Razor / G5 Montec guys.....Questions

After using Montec's for a few years I decided to try the rage two blade broad heads last year. I had pass through on all of my deer last year (one buck, two does). This year I again used the Rage two blade but I switched up and shot my Montec's as well. One doe down with the Rage and one down with the Montec and I can honestly tell you that neither went any discernible distance longer than the other. Both fell within sight at about 70-80yards away each.

The only difference I noticed was the blood loss from the Rage broad heads was more significant than the blood loss from the Montec's. Both however were very easy to follow (if needed) and as noted both did the job quite well. The other difference was the damage to the broad head. The Rage head bent beyond repair andlost a blade. The Montec I simply re-sharpened and put back in the quiver. I will most likely stick with this two broad head combination but I think I will use the Montec's primarily from here out for the reasons listed above.

So as far as Montec or Hell Razor, I can only comment on the Montec's. While I have damaged these broad heads before (beyond repair) as well, they are still what I'd consider a strong broad head (far stronger than the Rage). Like Motown stated they should be sharpened a little more before use but that's not to say you can't use them right out of the box, you can, it's just some of us are a little more picky.

I don't think you will ever get them as sharp as some other broad heads on the market due to the design of the head. It's factory sharpened at a specific angle so that you can resharpen them by placing the broad head flat on a stone and sharpen two sides of the head at one time, rotate and sharpen two more, etc... That being said, you can still get them sharp enough to shave with and that's good enough for me.

I don't think you can go wrong with the Montec's....but be prepared to be willing to spend some time sharpening them.

Sorry but I never used the Hell Razor's...can't comment.
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