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I do agree with the statment of some people don't respect the landowner and that iratates me. I do hunt on private land mostly and also hunt alone. As far as the leaving gates open and cutting fences that actually happened where I hunt at this fall before deer season. I was down there looking around and noticed that the chain to close a padalocked gate had been cut. I walked back up to my truck and took an S-link out of a tarp strap and grabbed a pair of pliers and put the chain back together. The cattle were out for the year already and I told the landowners son in law about it during hunting season so he could let them know. I think it's only right to fix a fence if you see a problem with it. I always carry pliers in my truck and can usually come up with an old fence clip or patch it to hold. I walk around down there periodically through out the year anyway.

Two years ago I locked 2 head of cattle in that were left there by the guy that rented the pasture from them. One of them was very wild and wouldn't go near people the other one was left as a companion for him.I was feeding them well into Dec. after there was snow on the ground. I had bought 100# of shelled corn at the feed storeand seemed to care more about them than the guy that owned them. He doesn't rent the pasture there anymore either. The night I locked those in it was snowing like crazy and I had went down to check on them and put more corn out for them. When I got there and started walking in the lower pasture looking for them I noticed the landowner had been down there that day as there were tire tracks in the snow and the gate between the upper and lower pasture was open. They had also dropped some hay down and had a trail going to the coral at the upper pasture.I followed the hay up and caught the cattle in the coral andlocked them in. I then walked back down to the lower end, went home and called them. I asked them if they had been trying to get them in and they said yes. They weren't theirs but they were trying to get them in so they wouldn't starve to death. This is a very isolated area and distance between the upper and lower pasture is approx1 to 1 1/2 miles. I told them they were in and they could go get them. They wereappreciative of that and I was glad to do it because they allow me to hunt there. We wound up getting about 6 inches of snow that night plus there already was snow on the ground.I also picked the hay up around the outside of the coral and put it in there in case they didn't get down there right away.I went back a couple days later and they had gotten them out.

I know a lot of people wouldn't have done what I did but please don'tlump everyone in the same catagory. I've hunted that land for 25 years and the landowner is in his 80's I don't know how long I'll be able to keep hunting there but it's about the only area I know.My dad grewup in that area and that's howwe got hunting it. When he passed away he wanted his ashes spread out down there so it's also a sentimental thing as well. I know the day is coming that I may not be able to hunt that area and it's one I'm dreading.

I knowI got off topic but not all people that ask to hunt on your land are the same. I can't afford to get into a high dollar lease but $15.00 isn't muchand I couldafford that myself. I just can't afford the $100.00 to $300.00 some people charge for the chance to shoot a deer. If it ever comes to that it will be public land or I'll quit hunting all together.

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