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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree to a certain extent- however I have had some real bad situations with letting hunters on my land.
I think one way they the (DNR) could get farmers to let people on would be to give farmers a coupon like some states out west do. The coupon would be like $15.00 per hunter and land owners would be more receptive to letting people hunt. Also some guy's just don't get it-they are a guest and they must obey the rules each land owner has-such as closing gates, not cutting fences, and staying off neighboring farms. These are a few things that really make me leery of letting hunters on my land.
Also as far as damage goes I'll tell you a good one;

A farmer from Ridgeland WI ran into a monster black bear two weeks ago in his corn field. The bear was hibernating in the corn field. The corn field had a huge area that was destroyed by this bear through-out the summer. The bear had dug a hole two feet deep and pulled corn over him.
When the farmer hit the bear with his combine he killed it and the DNR was called to see if he could
keep the bear. The good old DNR warden said sure for I think it was $175.00. The farmer asked about all the damage the bear had done to his corn and the warden had no answer. The farmer ended up haggling with thewardenand got the bear for $75.00. Now after all this do you think this farmer would cooperate with the DNR by letting hunters on his land?

By the way this bear weighed 767lbs. I think it was and almost 7' long it was 6'2'' around his chest.

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