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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree that the DNR is totally off base in the management of the deer herd. I've hunted for 25 years and saw far more deer in the late 80's and early 90's than I see now. This year my area 73D went to an earn a buck that is not needed. Ihave not seen over 10 deer in a years time inthe last 15 years. I usually see4 to 8 in 5 or 6 days of hunting. That's hardly a deer herd out of control.Everyone that hunts in the same area I do have said the same thing no one is seeing any amounts of deer, including two guys that hunt the land next to me not seeing anything.

I figure the DNR takes their counts on refuge land that no one can hunt such as Eagle Valley near Cassville or on blocks of land owned by city folk that don't allow hunting to inflate the herd numbers. I do not think I'm wrong on this either.

I asked how the registration was at the local co-op this year and the said on opening weekend it was 66 deer behind last year 263 to 197 with people saying the same thing. They're not seeing anything.

Handles I know you think the DNR is doing a great job but you are about the only onethat thinks that that I've heard. I think you also may be a new employee with them as you seem awfully worried if people don't buy licenses next year new people will be laid off.

I think this was brought up earlier in this thread.As far as deer damage permits go this may be unpopular but if a landowner has that much damage on their land they should allow people in to hunt. Simple solution if you apply for damage reimbursement the DNR should send in plain clothes people to ask for permission to hunt on your land. If the answer is no we save that for family then no check or permits for you. Some landowners are trying to have their cake and eat it too. I've heardthere are pockets of higher deer areas with this happening. Everyone is quick to blame deer for damage done to a cornfield but have any of you seen a group of coon going into a cornfield and knocking down countless stalks night after night? Coon do a heck of a lot of damage that deer get blamed for.
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