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Default RE: H&R/NEF Handi Rifle

I have a couple...and they're fine guns. With a little tinkering they can shoot very good groups.

Here's what I did to my Handi-Rifles to make them shoot better.

1. Send it back and have the trigger lightened. When I did it, it was a fast process and the trigger went from awful to pretty darn good.
2. Remove the forearm. Put a rubber o-ring between the forearm and the barrel where the bolt goes through. This takes some of the pressure off the barrel and "floats" the barrel a little.

I'm not sure how it works with sending the gun back now that Marlin owns H&R...but I'm sure you can find out.

After those 2 steps, mine were pretty much tackdrivers...especially my .223. With Black Hills V-Max bullets, my 223 will cloverleaf groups at 100yds.

Good luck!!
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