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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on TJD;

Untill everyone is on board -the DNR will listen to the Ins. Lobbyists and we will see a decimation of our deer herd. I hunted in the years when you saw maybe one deer a year. I'm afraid we are heading in that direction again. We have acted in good faith with what the DNR said were the deer numbers and I feel we were lied to or miss informed at best. First it was party tags then bonus tags (more revenue) and now they (DNR) are making us kill does before we can shoot a buck. The meetings you mention are truely a joke - (The fox in charge of the chicken coop) I can see why many hunters are not shooting does. Us hunters that have seen the rise and fall of deer hunting know where we were.
we must find a way to unite!!!!
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