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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a short reply to Handles- I have been following your personal attacks on other hunters opinions andI just don't know where you stand. Are you a DNR employee or are you a wanna be? The impression I get is you are a wanna be and you are always right.

I have hunted whitetails in Wisconsin for over forty years and know that something is wrong with the deer herd. The DNR has hornshwaggled us into a mess as far as deer numbers go. I know that you think otherwise by your record. Why is it that the DNR never admits it messed up? You would fit right in with them. Hey If you went through what we as older hunters have (seeing 1 deer in 2 years) in the early 70's you wouldn't be so quick to attack the fellas that are trying to not let that happen again. If you are a DNR employee,you should be ashamed of your attacks on fellow hunters. But you know what- I think you are a (barney Fife). The deer herd is in danger of being wiped out and you as the DNR would rather defer the problem and say the hunters are (whiners). There just isn't a simple solution. I don't know the answer but killing every deer isn't in my plans. May be hunters should stand up to the DNR now and not latter.
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