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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the insight UPHunter08 on the UP. I never knew it would take that long to come back.

The worst part of all this.. I can see, and understandHandles point of view. If hunters stop buying deer license, the rest of the outdoor experience suffers. After all hunters basically support the outdoor activities in Wisconsin for everyone to enjoy.

But Handles made some other points that concern me as well. Besides the being happy sitting in the woods enjoying the experience. That's horse you know what. I want to see deer. I'm not out there gopher hunting for goodness sakes. Many years hunting, I watched deer, especially doe, and never shot them, but found pleasure sitting there watching them. And I like watching the smaller creatures. I let many a young buck go too. Because taking a deer home is nice, but its not the end of the world. But outright, I deer hunt to see deer, and maybe put a little meat in the freezer.

The one point Handles made is the management or the upper administration will not suffer should funds be cut. While they might not loose their jobs, they could get their duties changed, or perhaps take a job demotion. Or heaven forbid be forced to get off their desk chair and actually have to work the field, they will suffer. They will suffer when hunters, politicians, and most of all the people in general start putting pressure on the DNR as to why things are in our outdoors are getting so bad. And face it, anyone that ever worked in management.. what happens when your boss is not happy?? That's right, he makes your life miserable.

The only way to put that kind of pressure on the upper management of the DNR is lock their wallet. Cut their funds, and they will feel it. Unfortunately some of the junior people might suffer job cuts, but that's life. And to cut their fund, you need to cut their major source of revenue. And that is deer license sales.

So while I see Handle's concerns, we just have to agree to disagree I guess. I am a stubborn old devil that is set in his ways. I went to meetings, I voiced my opinion, and it did no good. So now I will get off my soap box and maybe this thread will die off. Just like our deer herd did.....
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