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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a break..Handles - yes, Jesse... buy a license and support the failed policies of a DNR game management strategy that caused this slaughter of the deer herd. After all, they promise they will change??? Support something that does not work.. Get real. You want to hurt the DNR or any company for that matter that you feel did you wrong, twist their pocket book.

And calling one group of people a spoiled brat and others "sportsmen and sportswomen" that's an old debate trick from college Handles. Nice try though. Belittle one side when your position is wrong to hide the faults.

And we as Wisconsin resident have as much right to complain about a failed management plan and protest that any way we see fit. If you want to buy a license and sit in the woods.. fine. That's your right. BUT don't belittle others for believing in what they feel is the right way to approach the mistakes of the DNR.
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