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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not see the out of state hunters traveling and paying the outrageous out of state hunting fees to sit in the snow and watch squirrels. They are too smart for that. They will take their hunting dollars to other states where their chances are better. Then we can listen to the DNR complain about lack of interest.

I think this destruction of theherd is going to really hurt the State. When deer were in plenty, my area was packed with hunters. Restaurants, gas stations, bars, grocery stores, motels, etc.. thrived. They used to get all excited about hunting season. They will not be too happy in years to come.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is a joke. If you want the greatoutdoors screwed up, put them in charge. But they know how to charge us for every little thing. I really hope all the hunters that are upset, remember their experience in the woods this year and refuse to purchase a license. I know I will.
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