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Default RE: What do you OLD TIMERS think?

ORIGINAL: magicman54494

Hang on a second, Where's my teeth? hand me my eye glasses! hey do we have a replacement battery for this damn hearing aid? who leaned my cane against the keyboard? OK, I'm back. So who are you calling an old timer you wet behind the ears, snot nosed punk?[8D]
That's some funny stuff right there magic!!I started hunting in the early '70s, when you couldn't even hunt with a compound bow in my state of Pa. The very first tree stand back then was a Baker.Up in the "big woods" of Bradford Co. Pa (where I took my first deer with a bow) there were a TON of deer to hunt, and it actually snowed for most opening days of rifle season. Now it's rare.[:'(]Now sightings are WAAAY down from everything I read and hear. On the flip side, here in my area of Montgomery and DelawareCounties there are a ton of whitetailsto hunt. I don't even give the mountains a thought much anymore.I could go on and on, but you get the gist of it.
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