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Default RE: What's the difference!!??

The compound I used was not a huge significant difference.
I have to wonder a few things....

1. Would I be able to draw at the same time with the longbow as I do with the compound? Answer....probably....but it would cost me a few opportunities with trad gear.

2. Would I be able to hunt at the same height with the trad gear and assure an ethical shot angle? No way.

3. When is most of my success? Answer....after leaf drop. At 10-12' height after leaf drop I'm more of a sitting duck than I am at 23'.

4. What did it take for me to BECOME proficient with trad gear? WAY more than it did with a compound.

5. How long can I hold my 50# (at 28") bow at full draw if need be? That's 0% letoff we're talking about. Not long.

It doesn't matter which type of bow I use because for me it's about the skill of hunting.
Just a difference of opinon. I respect that you feel that way. I just disagree. I've taken 6 whitetails this season. How many do I legitimately think would have been taken if I had traditional tackle in my hands? "Maybe" 1.

My shots this year have been from 8, 23, 10, 33, 5 and 5 yds, respectively.

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