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Default RE: Scouting land

Well, this is going to be a long post.

If you want to ask someone if you can hunt on their land. Probably the best way is to find people at your work place. Or close friends. But if you know someone who has land that you want to hunt on, just figure out a good time to ask. Go up to the door (do not do it on the phone) and small talk at first. Then once it slows down, mention their land. Then bring up the fact that you would like to hunt on it. Tell him/her exactly what you plan on doing on the land. And let them know when you are coming, hunting, and make sure that its ok.

When you are scouting, I usually look for HEAVILY used deer trails. I don't like to hunt spots where there are only a few deer tracks. Rubs and scrapes are probably some of the best signs of deer.

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