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Default RE: Help with a recurve

There are guys that slobber over the old Shakespeare Necedah. They' re too short for my 32" draw length, so I' ve never shot one. Go to and click on Arrow Shaft Charts. Then look at the Easton Legacy chart. That' s the best chart going for aluminum arrows on trad bows.

Some people are allergic to shooting anything but wood out of a trad bow, but I think aluminum is a better arrow for someone just starting out. Aluminum is as close to perfectly consistent as you can get. Carbon is right behind. Wood takes a lot of work to get arrows perfectly matched for spine and weight.

Tuning a trad bow involves correct arrow spine, adjusting the nock point and adjusting the brace height to your shooting form. I usually wind up with my nock set 1/2" above square, but where your nock will wind up depends entirely on your shooting style, arrow selection and the bow' s tiller. Generally between 3/8" and 1/2" is a good starting point for tuning.

Shooting a stickbow isn' t rocket science or wizardry. It' s simple but subtle at the same time. Enjoy the ride.
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