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Default RE: Help With Blood Trail (Please don't move)

ORIGINAL: SwampCollie

Well Cody I guess all I can do is ask a couple more ?'s I think might help us determine what happened.

First... are you POSITIVE of the range? And what yardage is your smokepole zeroed at?

I am positive of the range. My brother, dad and I went out looking Saturday morning and I took my range finder and ranged it at 105 yards.

ORIGINAL: SwampCollie

Second...was the blood just bright red... or was it pink... bubbles? No bubbles? Any hair or muscle tissue? Was he walking or standing when you shot?

Based only on what you have told us so far, it sounds to me like you probably just grazed him. Might have jerked the trigger? But based on him running with his tail high and stopping and looking back and around... thats not typical hard-hit-deer behavior.
The blood was bright red. After my initial post my brother and I did a lot more 'looking for deer' rather than actual tracking. Even still we went back and back tracked the blood trail. We actually found more blood than the original search (The first tracking job was merely a "Yes I hit him! Lets follow the blood job"). I also found a small piece of bone, maybe half inch in size. Tough to tell what it was. Again, we found no hair or muslce tissue. No hair at the shot site either which surprised me? As I said before, the blood was bright red but in spaces in was almost a purple. But then again it was that blood that we found on our second search when we really examined the blood.

The more I think about it the more I think he survived the hit. Like you said, he showed no signs of a hard hit deer, he ranup hill after the shot and picked up the trail of the doe he was chasing immediately. I'm thinking maybe a brisket shot? I'm very inexperienced with this stuff.Like I said before the actual blood trail lasted less than 100 yards and it was solid at best for a mere 20-25 yards.

Sadly though, I think you may be right about the trigger. I shoota Traditions Pursuit II and really LOVE everything about it EXCEPT the light trigger pull. It's one thing to compensate for it at the range but another while on stand holding on a nice buck. I was steady on him and had a decent rest, but I think you are right, that with the light trigger pull I wasnt as steady as I should have been.

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, we've been visiting my grandparents over the weekend. Thanks a bunch for your help Andy, I really appreciate it.
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