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Heard good things about the above but never used it. It's a very expensive scope. However, I love my Burris Fullfield 2 3x9x40mm soo far that I put on my 30-06. Way clearer than the Leupold I took off. I had the Leupold break 2 times in the 1 and a half years I have had it. It's at Leupold now for repair for the 2nd time. I got one of their lower end models but still for a $220 scope this should not happen. I have a $30 Tasco that looks just as clear and has lasted about 2 times as long as the Leupold has each time. I would easily pick it over the Leupold however, I like the Burris the best out of any of them and it's a resonable priced scope too. I'd recommend taking a look at it.I haven't had it long enough to see how it will hold up but upon just using it to shoot with I love it. The Leupold also had a issue where it lost zero very easy if you bumped it. Out of Tasco, Simmons, and Burris all cheaper scopes the Leupold is the only one I've had break. It also was just as bad as the cheapest clarity wise which was the Tasco. They were both decent but it's amazing how much clearer the Burris is and how much easier to see the cross hairs are.
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