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Default RE: predator wearer guys

It's been a while since I ordered straight from Predator... but if memory serves me correct, the Bowhunter jacket is just a thin, unlined jacket really more suited for mid-60 type temps. I use mine more for hanging stands, kicking around and tracking. I guess the reason is now if the temps start dipping, I lean more towards base layers than putting on an unlined jacket... if I need to do that, I've got a wolfskin vest lined in Comformax and Liteloft or a 100% wool vest lined with Liteloft -- or I can go with the 100% wool bomber jacket lined with both.

They used to make uninsulated bibs, but probably the only place you'll find them now is in their "bargain cave" portion of the site, and only in odd sizes. I can't recall seeing any lately, but -- like I said -- it's been a while since I've been to their actual site. I get all my stuff at Gray Wolf Woolens these days:

Predator's actual pants are actually quite good. Of course, they're 100% cotton so care must be taken to prevent fading or shrinking. Construction, however, is top-notch, and the material is thick and the buttons are sewed on well. The only negative on their cotton clothing is the sleeve length of the camp shirts; I'm a 34-inch sleeve length, and always order XL shirts. My GWW shirts are perfect; however, I'm always wishing for an extra inch of sleeve material in the cotton shirts from Predator.

If you've got any more questions, feel free to ask as I think I own just about everything made in Predator, as well as a bunch of stuff I've commissioned to have had custom-made for me. I'll be leaving to go watch my oldest boy's last flag-football game here in a few minutes, though... so I'll check back later. Brrr.. 27 degrees, and I won't even be in a deer stand!
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