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I was reading magicman thread about Northen Minn and lack of bucks. I have read the same thing from a bunch of people who hunted MI and UP of MI.
It took magicman's thread for you to figure out there's been a lack of big bucks shot In Minnesota?? It's been very spotty In Mn for those shooting big bucks. SE Mn has done tremendous this year, western Mn has done alright also. My little area sucks this year, one decent mid 120's I passed and a bunch of 1.5's since that. You then go 5 miles SE of me and my brother has got P&Y bucks running all over. It all comes down to what got over hunted last year, It surely shows the next year. My area gets pounded year after year from the gunners, It's real fricking hard for me to be successful some years If the previous year was a good one In the area for the gun hunters. We have ton's of deer running around my woods, just nothing much of decent quality.
I would LOVE to agree with that, and wish it were the case, but our area sucked last year as well. I'm bound and determined to find out why.

My area gets pounded by gunners too, but last year was a poorer deer harvest than this year[&:]
Sounds like they need to back off on all the tags there giving out In your area Kyle.
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