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What could I use to replace my polesin my dog house blind. The glass poles broke when the wind rolled my blind.
Been there done that twice! If at all possible,measure the length of your assembled broken poles.

I had gotten a replacement set and was 200 miles from home on a hog hunt when I went to put the blind up. There was no way the poles would fit. When I contacted Ameristep, I was informed they had doghouses out there that took poles from 92, 94, 96, 98, and 102" in length depending on the sub contracted mfgr and all replacement poles were the 102". They would need to be cut down if originals were shorter.

This was a few yrs back and may no longer be accurate, I'm sure there were other unhappy campers over this issue.

It's easier to get last years taxes back from the IRS than to cut a pole down w/o cutting bungee cord inside it. They need to be undone and then re-threaded into the rod.

Another Doghouse trick is to epoxy about an inch of 1/2" pvc pipe in the pockets to get the rods in. Much easier to find them in the dark.
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