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Default RE: Scariest moment in a stand TONIGHT

I bought a Summit stand to have for guests who come hunt, and for a spare. I don't like the Summit cable system; it didn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, although I've not used the stand enough to know how/why the cable could slip to the next notch. I have an API I bought in the mid-90s, which I have full confidence in. It uses chains, and a locking pin goes through the chain link and snaps in place. The only way that thing is coming off is if the pin or the chain break.

Re: the harness, you need to wear that harness all the time. Once I was in a climber, facing the tree and sitting on the seat unit's safety bar. I must have put foot pressure on the foot platform near the tree, while at the same time the foot platform wasn't dug into the tree very good, because the next thing I know that foot platform was gone---about 8' down the tree (the length of the rope tying the two together). I didn't fall and obviously recovered, but you can see how it could have been bad had I fallen and not been wearing the harness.
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