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Default RE: Every One Plesae Vote On This!

PreacherTony. Thank you for trying to stick up for me and the other poor soul. I also want to thank you for the roadkill idea. Now if I can only find a big enough deer. ( I will have my muzzleloader with me.) [:@][:'(]. I wouldnt actually do that but it did cross my mind.
For those that dont believe me... your right. I actually killed that deer with a corncob shot out of a potato launcher. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

As for the person that asked if I can get another deer? NO the iowa DNR sees fit to give out deer liscenses to all the nonresidents so they can make their wallets fat while managing their deer herd. I have one other license and that is for bow, because in the state of Iowa you can only get a bow licence and a gun license. Im going to stop ranting now for fear that I will say something that will get me banned from the forums. Heres a pic of the only license I have left.
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