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Well guys, no dice. I searched with a buddy this morning for 3 hours and went back out at noon and walked until dark. The owner of the adjacent property gave me permission so I was able to cover a lot of ground (north, south, etc.). I will say that there are some spots that I couldn't cover thoroughly. Anyone who has ever tried to walk through a patch of phragmites will know what I'm talking about. Plus there were patches that were literally acres of thorns and cockleburs (I'm half tempted to throw out my rain gear). Oh yeah, it rained all afternoon too.

Anyway, I'm not convinced the deer is dead. Here is what we know: pass through, arrow broken in half, white hairs on the broadhead and the arrow shaft, good blood for a while then just stops.

PABrent- I have to disagree with you. I just don't think a liver/gut hit would have resulted in a broken arrow with the two halves 30 yards apart. I think there would have to be bones involved. Something had to stop that arrow. We know it wasn't the spine, which leaves the front shoulders or back legs (I suppose anything is possible).

As Doplersuggested the white hair is indicative of a low hit, especially from a low stand at 30 yds. They have white hair low on the belly, inside the legs,the armpits, etc.

So we have a low hit, bones involved, white hairs, and a quickly ended blood trail. I think I have to agree with Doplerthat this was a front leg/briskit hit. I will keep looking however, as I am able to. At this point the meat is probably ruined (its in the 40s and 50s).

Of course, I'm biased and would love to think he's still out there. Either way, this deer was the reason a guy bowhunts for 20 years and he's the reason I'll bowhunt for many more.

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