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Well we went out this morning to look for him again. We managed to find exactly two more spots of blood 20-30 yds apart on the same general line he seemed to be taking. I can't figure out what happened. If the first thing I found was the broken head end of the arrow with blood , hair, etc on it it must have been sticking out his far side but still in him solidly enough to break off because the tail end of the arrow (also covered in blood) was found about 20-30 yds later. So it must have been sticking out of him and then fell out as well. The point is it had to be a pass through (sort of) and it couldnt have been in the guts since I doubt they would have stopped the arrow let alone held it firmly enough to break it in half. Also even though there was a lot of blood, we didnt find a bed.

I've attached an aerial photo of my hunting area. The blue is the path I took out of the field and the red is the blood trail. It was aGOOD trail where it is solid.The yellow hashed area is the area we searched this morning. The open area is just Nowhere to hide. I figure one of three things happened. 1) I thought that since he was headed along the fencerow when I lost sight of him, he would continue along that path and not turn 90 degrees out into the field. Perhaps he saw me walking out and bolted to God only knows where. 2) We bumped him out of the fencerow while tracking but I think this is unlikely as we never found a bed. 3) I didn't actually spook him, but he headed out across the field and stopped bleeding. He could be anywhere to the north I suppose.

FYI- the field is at least 1/4 mile wide

Do you think I have reason to believe that he is even dead? I don't get it.

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