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Thanks to everyone who posted their advice, especially jmbuckhunterfor directing me to the recovery thread. I often overlook the threads tacked up at the top of the board. Also thanks to everyone else for their comments.

Oddlyenough, I was killing time at the bookstore this afternoon while waiting for my wife and I was reading the current Peterson's Bowhunting. There was a really good article in there about this exact topic.I can't remember the author's name but he wassaying to give a minimum of at least 12 hours on a gut shot deerbefore trying to recover them. He also had a story about a buck he shot that was still alive when he walked up on him the next day....good article.

In the interests of preventing a kick to the sack for violating man law I have attached the only picture I have. I might still get kicked but it's what I got. It's blurry, but my phone camera lens was fogged (rain). I dropped him off at the processor on the way home because after 4 hours in the rain and dragging the deer about 300 yds uphill alone (that's karma for you), I just wanted to be done with it. I thought he just had little nubs, but he was actually a yearling with both horns busted off.

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