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Default RE: Any factory Bowtech gurus in here? I really need some help...

MOhunting, yajsab and xibowhunter, thanks for the info. 80 5/8 & 31 3/4 sounds about right. I'm really in a hurry now since i was just notified about going to Iraq for a year.....need to kill something I can eat before I go!Camel and goat aren't too bad, but it doesn't compair to wild hog meat....ha!

Howare the newer limbs working for your bow? I've thought about getting newer limbs/cam but my local "dealer" said bowtech made some cam changes and I wasn't sure if they would work too well together so I just said hell with it...I figured it would be a huge mess to reconfigure the matrix/dynamics of the bow to make everything work correctly.

xibowhunter, you mention Archery Talk....are there Bowtech factory people there or really reliable Bowtech dealers? I only ask because of my cam lean problem, they might be able to get me close to the correct cam lean by telling me ROUGHLY how many yoke twists I need to make to get close to centered. I would think they have that kind of information as a starting point for setting up bows at the factory, maybe?

Thanks again for all the help. I really do appreciate it!
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