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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: shotgun guys.............

You miss understood me I guess, I wasn't referring to only lightfield slugs, but all the slugs available on the market. Just because it is a 3 inch doesn't mean it will always be faster than a 2 3/4.

Take for instance the lightfield hybrid is 1750 fps in a 3 inch shell. Compare that to these other rounds.

Winchester Gold partition 385 grn at 1900 fps (probably why they didn't work to well in your gun, too light and fast would be my guess).

Wichester Platinum tip 400 grn at 1700 fps

Federal Barnes Expander 328 grn at 1900 fps

Remington Accutip 385 grn at 1850 fps

Remington corelokt ultra 385 grn at 1900 fps

Hornady SST 300 grn at 2000 fps

These are all 2 3/4 inch shells and as you can see depending on how they are loaded they can be just as fast or faster than a 3 inch load, shell length really means nothing with this type of ammo. There are also various 3 inch loads that fall in the 1500 fps range. I'm just saying don't just assume because it's a 3 inch magnum it will be faster and flatter, that is not always the case.

And some guns will prefer one over another, take for instance the winchester Super X sabot slugs. The difference between the 2 3/4 and 3 inch shell is only 50 fps, not really noticable trajectory wise, I bet they don't even hold that close of tolerance on a chronograph from shot to shot. Yet I have seen a few guns shoot great with the 2 3/4 inch rounds and shoot like crap with the 3 inch loads. When they are basically the same exact load. Go figure. Slugs guns really are quite finicky sometimes.

And I normally have the exact opposite findings between remington and winchester. Every gun I have had wouldn't shoot cheap remington ammo worth a darn, be it a shotgun or a .22. Lots of duds and missfires. Where as the cheap winchester ammo works without a hitch for the most part. Lets be honest, cheap bulk ammo is cheap bulk ammo for a reason. Maybe your gun just likes remington ammo better. It happens.

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