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Default RE: Using 3-1/2" Slugs?

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You know I don't get it. Just because your Mossberg is an action that can take 3 1/2" shells in it's turkey/goose barrels does not mean their slug barrels are chambered for 3 1/2 inch slugs, does it? I know most people use 2 3/4 " slugs and most surely don't use anything longer than 3", so where does this assumption come in that the slug barrel has 3 1/2 inches before the rifling starts? I would like to see some proof of this.

I will look when I get home from work but I am almost sure the barrel is stamped 3-1/2".

That is my question. The engineer in me says what lightfield says makes sense. But this is not the norm for most hunters. Why? and what should I do?
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