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WTF have you been smoking? Obviously drinking the Obama Kool Aid. Your statements about guns and gun control show you
are part of the problem, not the solution. Who said anything about praying for war? Do you even own a gun?

Obama doesn't care a bit about hunters or gun rights. He said he did to sucker folks like you into bending over for him. He isn't just after my machine guns, my AR15s, AK47, HK91, FAL, M1, or my pistols. He want's them all gone and that will include single shots, semiauto shotguns, and yes, even bolt action deer rifles (sniper rifles to him and other libs). He has a history of trying to do so and supporting any bills that will.

No, I don't want him to come after my guns and yes I am afraid of losing them. I carried guns on duty for 20 years and had to use them a few times to save lives. No regrets and damn glad I had that option. Being retired and a Joe citizen shouldn't lessen that ability to defend myself and loved ones. If you want to back down and cower that's your business.

I shoot several different guns in several different competitive shooting sports. USPSA, IDPA, Bianchi, PPC, Bullseye, 3 Gun , and Police Tactical matches. I also have several guns I use for hunting big and small game and birds. Many of them fall into the category of what the limp dicks call assault weapons. When in fact they are Benelli shotguns, M700 rifles, Ruger 10/22s, and the like. Read the definition they are trying to apply to guns they want to ban and it is almost every gun.

If you value hunting at all, you need to drain the wimp juice out of your skull and refill it back with common sense. Unless you just fling pointy sticks and if that is the case, you have no business in discussing gun control.

Don't pray for me, I can do that for myself. Pray for yourself to grow a pair and start supporting real American values.

Amen brother. I love it when someone gets on here and speaks using common sense. I agree with Craig here. Drain the wimp juice out of your skull and refill it with common sense. "Common sense is not a common vertue."
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