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Default RE: euro mount prep?

I've done 4 deer mounts in the euro style using the following process. If you've got the patience and a fairly stout stomach, here's a really easy method that produces a very clean mount and it's good for any temp above freezing, and it gets everything out even in the most tiniest hidden areas. *The smell is not very bad but what you see dumping out is nasty.

Be prepared because this process cantakes months, depending on temperature,for all the unwanted tissue to slough off. But hey, it costs almost nothing and produces a pretty nice piece depending on your attention. Be sure to keep it where critters can't get to it!

Clean offas much meat/tissueas possible from the skull, or, as littledepending on how much time you want to invest. Now, find a bucket large enough to submerge the skull completely in water. Let this set for a couple weeks at a time, change water dumping the dirty water far from your house [:'(](This is where you find out how stout your stomach is). When the skull is free of all unwanted material, change the water and add some bleach, say half a cup. Let set for a couple hours or all day. When you dump off this last water your mount should be clean and bleached. Rinse clean with a low pressure water hose. The bone will become a brighter white as it dries.
When you first remove the skull you may notice some seams in the bone that are flexible but if you'll use some care handling the skull, as it dries it hardens and firms up.

Any teeth in the skull will probably have to be glued in place after drying for a couple days. I use super glue. Also, a dull white spray paintcan touch up spots that you may want whiter than they are.

Warning: If there is any part you don't want to bleach, such as antlers, keep that part out of the bleach. I know from unfortunate experience, the dark colors on antlers will bleach white as bone!!
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