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Default RE: Cuddeback vs. Moultrie

On the place we lease to hunt there are 9 of us and most of us have at least 2 cameras.....With that being said we have just about one of every camera out.....We have had good luck with the Moultrie's, with the exception of one, which was retuned to moultrie and they made it right and they did it fast. We have a couple of cudde's in the arsenol and they are good camera's as well but we have had major problems with both of them, The main probelm with the cudde's for our use is battery life is not very good,one of them could not be fixed and is no longer used. Now these are older cudde's and I have no experience with the newer one's....Out of 7 moultrie's we have had issues with one of them, now we don't set camera's on many trails that we hunt, we use the cameras as a inventory tool and to accomplish this we put our cameras at the feed site's that we don't hunt. Trigger speed is not top priority the way we use them but battery life is, I have found that the I40's have awesome battery life and take great pic's and the trigger speed is good enough to use on a trail, for our set up and the fact that our property is so far from our houses this serves us better than the cudde's (the battery life on the cudde's is not that good)....I am sorry this is long but I wanted to explain our situation and why I like the moultrie's better.....I guess ultimately it will come down to what you need out of a camera....
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