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Ive never been a democrat or republican. Im a registered independant. I vote for who will help the county best, not help me best.
Then why did you vote for either McCain or Obama? There's better choices to be made.
It's about viability and who will do the LEAST damage, as it has been for the last 4 elections. Unfortunately, many people don't realize any of the GOOD that GWB has done because the media has slanted all of their coverage against him.

Ayers is an unremorseful domestic terrorist married to another unremorseful domestic terrorist that is more than anything a socialist. Marx and Hitler had a few good ideas too, but they were overshadowed by their evil ones. Saddam supported education, he had some of the world's most capable bio and chemial weapons scientists in his country, and he had Anthrax produced just like we do here in the U.S. Maybe you should have looked at OBAMA'S VOTING RECORD, and considered the freedoms that you value.
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