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I don't usually get in on the politics, but just for everyone's information, we're not just voting for a president here, there's a good chance when tonight is all said and done, we will have a democrat controlled Senate, HOR, President, and eventually supreme court justices. That, my friends, is where you will really begin to see the changes, and I'm betting they won't be for the better.

That's the real issue here. Obama can only do so much damage alone. It's Congress and the Supreme Court I'm worried about. BTW, If you're wondering why theeconomy and housing marketare inshambles, Wikipedia something called the Community Reinvestment Act that your boy Clinton madechangesto when he was in office. The DemocRATS have more to do with the problems in the economy than George Bush. By no means amI a fan of George Bush, but he did have enough foresight to tryand get legislationpassed that could have stopped this mess. Of course theDemocRATS in congress shot that down.This a great video that explains the mess. It moves fastbut feel free topause it and read.
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