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Hate to break the news to you ObamaSocialists who tried to sellthe country out for your promised $500 tax break (right before the $2,000 tax increase you get later fromcorporations forced toshare their new tax burden with you)but MCain is going to win this election. Google the phrase "Bradley Effect" and understand that is what's going to happen today.

We've been tricked into thinking that not voting for Os(b)ama is racist and many people are hiding who they are really voting for becasue of this when it really has nothing to do with the race of Os(b)ama but it's his extremist leftist views andaffilliations with people who hate everything about America, i.e. Ayers, Farakan, Rev. Wright. Would any of you hang out with people who would like tosee the star and stipes burn? Would any of youpal around with someone who bombs a federal government building? Would any of youhang around with someone who proudly proclaims "god damnAmerica!" I might hang around with them for a second, just long enough for my fist to blacken their eye.

I just checked anAOL poll, over 250,000 peoplevoted in the poll. 54 percent said they voted for McCain, 43%Os(B)amabut only 43 percent expected McCain to win. The new media and polls have done a good job ofpulling the wool over our eyes but once all the numbers come in, McCain is going to win!

(God, I hope I'm right)

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