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. They have allready lost so much, why add any more weight than absolutley neccesary?
And if you insist on 100% parental notification, that is EXACTLY what you are doing to those who chose a different path than the one you take. Giving them even more opportunity to endure abuse.
I don't think you are understanding what I am saying. The actual procedure will cause more weight, more pain, (this is not pain free physically or emotionally) and more shame.
So let me ask you have you ever met a girl who had an abortion and did not regret it, it was not painful for them, and that didn't feel even more shame? I honestly haven't.
I am not saying throw them to the wolves, I am saying find another way for them, one that will help them in their healing, one that will not make them take two steps back before they can start moving forward. They have allready had their childhood stripped away, they have allready had to live through more shame than anyone should, by them having the guilt of abortion on their shoulders is only taking away from them.
You mentioned throwing those 5% to the wolves but what about the 95% of unborn babies that are needlessly aborted if the mom would have only been responsible and realized that her choice happened when she had sex? What about the 95% who should have to be responsible for their actions? By all means I am not saying don't help those girls but I am rather saying that abortion is not the answer.
So why have her get a procedure that is going to do her more harm? Why put her at risk for infertilization? What happens when she grows up and wants a baby and is ready for a baby but she can't because of a side effect of abortion? Or is hospitilized as a result of infection from the abortion? Or the bleeding doesn't stop when it should? That is a lot to put such a young girl through. My heart cries out to those girls, and I don't want them to suffer any more than what they allready have.
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