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ORIGINAL: wahoohunter

ORIGINAL: Vizsla Vince

ORIGINAL: wahoohunter
Did you explain to him that "son, Barack Obama (unless you've spoken with him personally) may not support abortion and that he only believes that it is not the government's job to make the decision women"?? Did you explain to him that, "son, John McCain is putting more faith in the federal government than he does in the women of America including your own mother" ??
Did you explain to him that Obama won't even stand up for the rights of a child who survives an abortion? Did you explain to him that Obama views children as "punishment" ? Did you explain to him that Obama has NO problem looking the other way while over 3000 babies are needlessly murdered each and every day??

Take the wool off your eyes, dude. "Pro-choice" is a lie if ever there was one. Either you're pro-life, or you're pro-abortion. If you're going to stand for something, stand up for it. If not, then sit down & shut up!
Ignorance is bliss bud, except in this case, a little reading and education would help you make the transfer from cocky ignorance to a miserable uncertainty. Think about it.
I certainly agree with you that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance of the populace has been one of the most powerful tools of the pro-abortion movement. They have cloaked their agenda in a benign term: "pro-choice". After all, don't we all want the freedom of choice? I want to be free to choose which movie to rent. I want to be free to choose boxers or briefs. I want to be free to choose Winchester or Remington.
My point is that one needs to take a stand. Either you stand up for those who can't defend themselves or you don't. If you're the type of guy who can walk upon a woman getting raped in an alley, & simply put your hands in your pockets & stroll along, then, fine. Say so. I'm not that type. As far as being educated on the subject, I think you ought to educate yourself on how often abortion is used as a form of birth control as opposed to any other reason.
The term "pro-choice" is a deceptive term which has been used to lull people into looking the other way with a falseclear conscience. And you've bought it hook, line, & sinker.
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