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Default RE: The arrogance of some....(sorry for the long vent)

Ok now, their are 2 sides to every story. I am going to disagree with you on a few things.So the way I am figuring it is you pretty much got the farm locked up with all the spots/travel routes and field edges covered with stands all over the place. I was in this guys boat at one time. We leased land from a guy who wanted to hunt his own land (okay no big deal its his land) Then he adds a uncle okay no big deal, his son and uncle. Then its theuncles kid, sons friend ect ect ect......and guess what are dues still went up every year and we wern't allowed anyone elase on the farm from our club. Then every time we hunted the property the club pres would get a call from the owner saying that someone jacked up close to one of his stands (he put stands all over the place. Obviously deer come from HERE to get to THERE so techniclly we were all cutting each other OFF Right?I was furious asking how the heck would I know there is a stand 100 yrds away on the other side of a thicket! At one point I asked for a weather prof map to be made up and ALL stand locations could be put on there and we could build a station and mark were we were hunting with a grease pencil and he said NAH I don't want to inconvience you boys and make you do all that work just for me. I was freakinn clueless as to this guys agenda. This sharade went on for about two hunting seasons. Here comes the topper, opening day shotgun comes and before we all go to our stands we were chatting at the cars and he (the owner) mentioned about a big buck he has been seeing a 2 of his stands (you know the secret ones that everybody keeps cutting the deer off from him) and my buddy shoots the monster and drags it to his car and when the guy comes for lunch his face turned so freakind beat red when my buddy showed it to him he just mummbled something and walked ogg. The next day guess what? YUP he calls the club prez again saying that that deer was headed his way when my friend shot it!
The whole thing caused issues with in the club and a strange relationshipwiththe land owner so I,and my friends dropped out of the club and told that guy to gostick it cause it was to much of ahassle. Here is the thing you did wrong, you kept pushing a hunter around the property and asked him not to hunt your spots, okay I will buythat but to start saying he cuts them off here, than there, than over here and so on.Are you sure he knew where you were hanging your stands? Did you ask to work with him on what spots you favored and what spots he favored? BIG QUESTION did he kill any decent bucks on that property? It sound like youwanted to bad mouth him from the get go to get him kicked off. You should have just went to your family from the get go and said you wanted the farm all to your self. You also should have just been honest with him and told him you don't want him there stealing your deer.
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