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Default RE: The arrogance of some....(sorry for the long vent)

Boot him out and do it fast. I had to do it this year to a guy that was hunting coming in from the adjoining property. He had about an acre to hunt on the landowners property that gave him permission. He had his two stands on my GFs Dad's property and he didn't know it. Ran into him last year and he told me he had been hunting there 5 years. I told his father he had his stands on the wrong property. Over the summer I caught him talkin crap about us for takin his spot. I told him to move his stands. He wouldn't. The land owner that gave him permission told him to leave his stands. I had a talk with him and then he even got a survey. Both stands not on his property after the survey. His stands are finally gone now. People are just idiots sometimes. Once they set something up they think they own it. "Bootem Quick Now", thats my motto.
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