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Default RE: Think this will work?

Did it work?

Well, no not really as we were not able to call in any buck. No doe even.

We did however, seen one deer at our first spot of the morning....kicked another moving to our third spot.

Best of all with what we did today, we found an area where a buck or two were going crazy with the rubs. In fact, the rubs were so impressive as they were in some cases over 4 feet off the ground. I don;t think I ever saw this before in the years I've hunted. Also, saw smaller trees with no branches left as they were all ripped off.

So, now my dad can head back in and see if he can't figure out with this big guy is.

Last, there was between 0 and 3 inched of snow still on the ground. We were able to find several areas where deer have moved in the last week. Gave a little credibility to the area we were targeting to begin with.
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