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Default Halloween hunting

I CAN'T WAIT until tomorrow. I killed my first two archery bucks on Halloween, 2000 and 2001. I missed the very first doethat I ever shot at on Halloween. Last year on HalloweenI saw the biggest buck of my life [up to that point] froma tree stand only a few hundred yards from house on a new farm. I think I'mgoing to goto a special tree I've been saving in a major travel corridor where I see so many nice bucks every year. I cleared a jungle of thorn bushes and vines from the only climbable treeand it's in a perfect spot. I've neverfeltthis positive about a particular stand before. I was going to save it foranother week or so but I just have to get in it tomorrow and the wind is going perfect. I know a lot of you guys also like this day and so, good luck to all. Ken
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