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Default I got a show tonight

To start the lovely afternoon off, I had the 10 yr old girl that lives in the house about 200 yards away from my stand singin Rascal Flatts songs at the top of her lungs ( wasnt that good [8D]) and riding her bike up and down the rocks road bordering the land I hunt.

Then they leave and things really get good, I have two small does come in to 20 yards and filter feed some acorns out, whe I spot a doe coming and hear another deer coming. It may just be me, but bucks sound like they dont sneak through the woods, instead they have a plan on their mind and they are gonna do it. He runs straight to the doe coming in, and then proceed to jog her around my tree for the next 15 minutes, until I couldnt see the pins or the deer in front of me. I get down, without a flashlight, pass my entrace/exit get lost for a minute and get tore up by briars. Going back either Sat. or Mon. to this spot, possibly for a long hunt. Things are heating up, but we are still a good two weeks out here.
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