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Default Think this will work?

I have hunted a state park 3 - 4 times this year and saw about 10 deer twice, Other times, no deer. In other words, the best time of the year and I have not seen a buck to target or know where to pinpoint one. This weekend may be my last Archery trip for the year.

With that said, I want to be very aggressive in my approach this weekend. I was thinking that I would do the following.

At day break begin to rattle in an area where I have seen buck previous years. I will get into some semi think cover and do this. I will rattle twice in a 10 minute span and still for at least 10 minutes after that throwing a few grunts in. Next I will pickup and move to another area. Likely about 100 or so yards away and do the same thing. I have lots of good cover to do this around and was planning to do this for about 4 hours straight while moving to area to area in the woods.

I am hunting with my dad so, both will hunt together and spread out 30 or so yards each time we setup.

Not knowing where a buck is, do you think this is a good plan? I betting on the time of year and pre-rut stage works for my advantage. I will be in an area of the Poconos.

Would love to hear everyone thoughts or modifications on this plan.
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