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Default lost 2 in 2 days

I am just disgusted and ready to quit bow hunting.
this makes6 deer and 1 hog in 12 years I have lost
Monday I shot a spike, 20 yds, slight quartering away, muzzy 4 blade, looked like a perfect shot, looked like it took out the opposite shoulder as he was stumbling and falling all over the place, tracked a ways that night but backed out, temps were in the high 30's that night, went back out in the morning 250 yds later ran out of blood, did a grid search, nothing.
This morning 25 yd shot on a nice 8 pointer, complete broadside, looked to be 2 " lower than I would have liked, gave it an hour , got down, found blood on my arrow but the feathers were not soaked in it. About 30 yds into the tracking I find a spot that looked like he died right there, looked like a quart of blood was poured on the ground and a painted trail for 10 more yds, pieces of lung on the ground too. Well we tracked a blood trail for about 250-300 yds after that, lost blood trail, came back to the house to take a break, went back out on last blood, picked up the trail again, went another 150 yds and lost it again, we jumped several properties and I cant keep tresspassing, who knows how far he went. I cant believe the amount of blood I found where he either layed or stood for a while. I just cant believe he went that far.
I have never lost a deer to a rifle in 25 years.
It just seems there is absolutley no margin for error with a bow. but yet I see terrible shots on tv and videos and they find ther deer within a 100 yds.
I am sick and ready to quit bow hunting.
I took a doe earlier this year with what seemed to be a shot that was maybe a tad high, she went maybe 40 yds, if that,and piled up.
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