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Default RE: How long to soak deer

Soaking meat in water (wiht our without vinegar or salt) is generally a way of getting the blood out of it, orof "marinating"the meat (withwine or vinegar and spices)to prepare it for cooking.

Soaking in water is not a way of aging meat.

This is from the venison cook book I got fromT.R Michels:


In camp you should cover fresh meat with a game bag and hang it in the coolest place you can find. Then get it to town, and have it aged, wrapped and frozen as soon as you can. If you are going to take care of the meat yourself keep it cool until you get to the locker plant, or get it home. Trim all the fat and silver skin from big game meat when you cut it up. Dry-age the meat as soon as possible; ideally it should be hung and stored at 38 degrees for one to two weeks to age it. Then cut off the dark layer of outer meat and wrap it and freeze it. If you can"t age the meat immediately, but do have it cut, wrapped and cooled, you can age it later. When you are ready to store the meat, double wrap it in freezer paper and label the outside with the date, type of meat, and the cut. Trim all the fat and silver skin from the meat before freezing or cooking."

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