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Default RE: Upland Contest Teams and Scoring Sheet

Another beautiful day but no deer or pheasants this morning. Only found 1 covey of about a dozen quail on the property around the house this morning. I shot 2 of them and that will probably be the extent of my quail hunting around the house unless I see more quail than that. Late this summer I had 2 good coveys hanging out, but not sure where the other one went. The cotton fields haven't been stripped yet so they may be hanging out in them.

Dove season goes 1 more week but there aren't may dove hanging out around here right now. I think we need another hard cold front to bring the rest down but hunting season will be over by then. I may do a little quail hunting down on my Fisher county property, I have 3 or 4 good coveys down there, but I hate to quail hunt during deer season and that's about my only option. Maybe I'll get a big buck down early and be able to spend some time on quail. I may get to go pheasant hunting on opening morning but not sure on that either, so this may be about my total for the season. We'll see.

Here's the tally for today, 2 dove and 2 quail.

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