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Default RE: Upland Contest Teams and Scoring Sheet

Well it was a BEAUTIFUL evening.

Saw a very nice mature whitetail buck and doe as I turned the corner on the way to the house so that was neat (they were on my property about 400 yards from the house with 2+ hours of daylight left - I think the rut must be starting).

Wind was very calm for around here, about 60 degrees, not a cloud in the sky....

As the sun went down I saw the first ever pheasant on my property, a huge rooster that flew into my CRP grass from my sorghum that I planted this spring.

Busted a covey of quail walking over to one of my dove spots... (quail season starts in 2 days!)

And shot a whopping 2 doves! And it wasn't because I was a bad shot they just weren't flying. We had a good cold front come through yesterday and that usually brings in a new batch of doves, but I guess ours went south and there weren't any more coming in from the north to take their place.

Oh well, it was a beautiful evening regardless.

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