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Default RE: Gettin my first deer rifle.

Hehe... 7mm08, you sure you aren' t my brother in disguise? He' s had is 7-08 since he was 12 (7 whole years ago), and it' s universally accepted as the best-shooting gun in my family. Now, that' s not saying he' s the best shooter in the family.

I honestly can' t say anything bad about that gun. It' s short, sweet, crisp, and beautiful. It' ll shoot with any caliber on earth. When posed with a question like this, though, you have to know all the information - that' s why I brought up the availability/cost question. I love my .270, and I know it' ll shoot with anything you bring to camp. On top of that, the only gun you' re more likely to see in camp is the ' 06.... there' s something to be said for picking the popular gun.

Bottom line, 7mm-08, .270, Nuge, you won' t be disappointed. Congrats on your new gun, and put some serious range time in. You' ll love it. [8D]
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