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Default RE: Gettin my first deer rifle.

Fair enough about the 7-08 being in Wal-Mart, but (and of course this is a small matter) if I were in a hunting camp in the middle of nowhere, and my ammo fell to the bottom of a lake, it' d be more likely I could scrounge up a .270 shell somewhere.

Also, my brother has to buy 7-08 ammo, I know for a fact it' s more expensive than .270 in this part of the country.


Just went to Bass Pro Shops online, and made sure I wasn' t spouting a bunch of garbage. For comparison purposes, I couldn' t find a Federal cartridge for 7mm-08, in comparison with every flavor being offered in .270. Also, for the same Remington Core-Lokt bullet, the 7mm-08 cost $2 more than the .270.

Now, of course, you should be buying a rifle because it fits you and your needs. However, all other things being equal, .270 ammo is much more available and cheaper. The 7mm-08 is growing in popularity very rapidly, but it' s still not in .270 territory.
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