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ORIGINAL: millerrambo

ArchersFlame nocks are awesome 100 shots praticing 100 times they lit up. and there 6 for $50 with free shipping.
They dont say on the site how long the battery last?

ORIGINAL: peregordusmc

I have a friend that actually makes his own light up knocks. it seemed pretty easy when he was telling me about it. I know he gets the majority of the stuff from walmart that he makes them with. Im not sure about the weight but i have seen him shoot about 6 of them on different arrows and they worked every shot. If anyone is interested in knowing how to make your own i can ask him to explain it to me again and i will post a thread on how to make them.
There is a you tube videos on doing this. But if his method is diffrent im willing to see read,hear it.
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